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Date TimeLocationPostcodeTemperature
Tuesday 2 May at 4.24PMSwincross RdDY8 1NLN/A
Friday 26 May at 3.07PMDroitwich WR9 7LAWR9 7LAN/A
Friday 26 May at 10.59AMEllerdene ClB98 7PWN/A
Friday 26 May at 9.09AMBurtree AveWR4 0NQN/A
Thursday 25 May at 5.02PMAlison RdB62 0ATN/A
Thursday 25 May at 1.14PMFairfield RdWR11 1HJN/A
Thursday 25 May at 11.00AMGrayling RdDY9 7AZN/A
Tuesday 23 May at 9.06PMRedcliffe StWR3 7APN/A
Friday 19 May at 4.51PMSwans LengthB48 7NQN/A
Friday 19 May at 2.10PMAcanthus RdB98 9EXN/A
Friday 19 May at 11.19AMPershore WR10wr10N/A
Friday 12 May at 5.02PMWoodland RdB97 4SWN/A
Sunday 28 May at 12.30PMShannon WayWR11 3FFN/A
Monday 27 March at 9.19PMSt Lawrence ClWR2 4PSN/A
Monday 27 March at 3.23PMMambleDY14 9JLN/A
Tuesday 25 July at 3.36PMHagleyDY8 2XUN/A
Wednesday 28 June at 3.39PMDroitwich WR9 7EAWR9 7EAN/A
Tuesday 27 June at 12.22PMParkland AveDY11 6BXN/A
Friday 23 June at 2.06PMHighfield RdDY10 2TJN/A
Thursday 22 June at 12.00PMSt Peter's ClWR11 1EWN/A
Monday 26 June at 3.16PMStourbridge DY9 8HZDY9 8HZN/A
Sunday 28 May at 2.05PMAshley RdDY10 2XDN/A
Sunday 28 May at 2.33PMNorthleach ClB98 8RDN/A
Monday 2 January at 6.05PMPear Tree WayWR9 7JW2.5
Monday 13 March at 10.29AMLeigh SintonWR13 5ED3.9
Wednesday 17 January at 11.24AMHagleyDY8 2XU4.0
Tuesday 18 April at 12.51AMNewfield RdDY9 0HY4.8
Friday 3 February at 10.18PMChurch StDT3 5QE5.4
Saturday 13 January at 12.24PMWolverleyDY11 5SQ5.9
Saturday 29 April at 7.09AMPippin GreenWR6 5AB6.2
Saturday 29 April at 7.29AMMorris RdWR12 7RE6.2
Saturday 29 April at 7.46AMWR12Wr126.2
Thursday 2 March at 10.49AMWellington RdB60 2AX6.2
Sunday 23 April at 10.04AMMain StWR11 7XB6.4
Monday 30 January at 1.27PMWorcester WR5 3DAWR5 3DA6.9
Tuesday 9 May at 9.58AMHagleyDY8 2XU7.5
Monday 27 February at 3.40PMBirmingham B1 2AAB1 2AA7.9
Thursday 20 April at 11.20PMN Malvern RdWR14 4LT8.1
Wednesday 1 March at 6.32PMBeechcroft DrB61 0DS8.2
Saturday 25 March at 11.18PMWhitbourneWR6 5RR8.6
Tuesday 2 January at 3.39PMBishops WalkB64 7RH8.8
Monday 27 November at 3.56PMSt Catherine's RdB60 1BN9.6
Sunday 3 December at 5.42PMMontpellier GardensDY1 2UQ9.6
Friday 19 May at 9.07AMSt Mark's RdDY9 7DU9.8
Wednesday 10 May at 11.54PMSalwarpeWR9 0AH10.2
Friday 19 May at 10.09AMPedmore LnDY9 0SW10.4
Tuesday 9 May at 9.51PMWoodland AveDY8 2XQ10.6
Tuesday 9 May at 9.21PMSt John's AveDY11 6AX10.6
Thursday 11 May at 10.55AMEvesham WR11 8SHWR11 8SH10.9
Wednesday 3 May at 9.19PMBadsey Fields LnWR11 7EX10.9
Monday 5 June at 12.10AMManor ClWR11 7HH10.9
Friday 5 May at 10.20AMBroom CresDY10 3BW11.0
Wednesday 3 May at 8.08PMCedar RdDY1 3JT11.3
Wednesday 10 May at 11.26AMChurch StWR10 1DT11.5
Tuesday 9 May at 3.46PMPershore WR10 3ERWR10 3ER11.7
Thursday 9 March at 11.10AMPerry Park RdB65 0BT11.7
Friday 28 April at 6.55PMMain StWR11 7XB11.8
Monday 8 May at 8.52PMHales OrchardWR2 4BY12.0
Monday 15 May at 9.54AMMansion ClDY1 2GY12.0
Saturday 9 September at 3.09PMBrewery WalkWR1 3HY12.1
Tuesday 9 May at 5.37PMFoxhunter ClWR9 7RH12.1
Sunday 16 April at 2.42PMHanley RdWR14 4HZ12.2
Saturday 20 May at 11.46AMOldacre RdB68 0RF12.3
Sunday 21 May at 11.35PMComptonDY7 5NP12.4
Wednesday 22 February at 5.58PMFort Royal HillWR5 1BT12.4
Saturday 20 May at 1.27PMAbbots MortonWR7 4NA12.4
Tuesday 9 May at 7.52PMCorfe AveWR4 0EB12.4
Monday 8 May at 2.19PMWoodfield CresDY11 6TU12.4
Tuesday 11 April at 1.27PMGrosvenor CresWR9 7SX12.5
Saturday 29 April at 8.59PMMorris RdWR12 7RE12.6
Sunday 30 April at 9.12PM101 E Lake St B48b4812.8
Monday 8 May at 3.45PMNew RdWR11 2NG12.8
Sunday 30 April at 9.18PMSwans LengthB48 7NQ12.8
Thursday 20 April at 2.59PMNewfield RdDY9 0HY12.8
Sunday 30 April at 9.14PMKenilworth ClB97 5JX12.8
Monday 1 May at 8.08PMPriest Meadow ClB96 6HT13.1
Monday 5 June at 9.12PMBeechcroft DrB61 0DS13.4
Tuesday 2 May at 9.58PMFoxfield DrDY8 1RW13.4
Tuesday 2 May at 9.59PMBishops WalkB64 7RH13.4
Thursday 18 May at 12.10PMEvesham WR11WR11 @NW13.4
Thursday 11 May at 11.48AMEckingtonWR10 3DE13.4
Thursday 18 May at 12.10PMMartin AveWR11 2NW13.4
Thursday 18 May at 7.14PMSt Mark's RdDY9 7DU13.5
Monday 10 April at 6.28PMWorcester WR2Wr213.5
Thursday 6 April at 3.45PMSt Lawrence ClWR2 4PS13.5
Thursday 20 April at 8.24PMMarlpool LnDY11 5HS13.5
Monday 1 May at 5.31PMHeath LnDY8 1RG13.6
Friday 21 April at 5.08PMKidderminster DY10 3NLDY10 3NL13.8
Friday 21 April at 5.08PMSt Georges ClS3 7HD13.8
Monday 8 May at 6.14PMMidland RdWR5 1DS13.8
Sunday 21 May at 11.41AMThe LongcroftB63 4HJ14.0
Friday 19 May at 7.09PMCedar RdB97 6HN14.0
Sunday 4 June at 10.27AMAldington ClB98 7NF14.0
Friday 5 May at 8.34PMWR12Wr1214.1
Sunday 7 May at 12.54PMBarnetts LnDY10 3HJ14.1
Saturday 22 April at 2.10PMHeath LnDY8 1RG14.1
Friday 5 May at 8.06PMBishops WalkB64 7RH14.1
Saturday 22 April at 2.44PMHarpley RdWR8 9BL14.1
Saturday 18 March at 3.33PMBroughton RdDY9 0XP14.2
Thursday 18 May at 6.58PMOak Park RdDY8 5YE14.4
Thursday 18 May at 6.36PMBruce RdDY10 2TY14.4
Friday 19 May at 2.15PMAcanthus Rdb9 89ex14.4
Monday 15 May at 11.56AMAlvechurchB48 7HR14.4
Friday 12 May at 5.20PMHolloway DrWR10 1JL14.6
Wednesday 10 May at 2.46PMPershore WR10wr1014.8
Tuesday 6 June at 7.42PMThe HollowayWR9 8HD14.8
Tuesday 6 June at 7.32PMVintners ClWR4 9XZ14.8
Saturday 20 May at 6.20PMOldacre RdB68 0RF15.0
Friday 21 July at 2.56AMRedditch B98 8AHB98 8AH15.0
Sunday 2 July at 10.14AMGregory RdDY8 3NF15.1
Wednesday 24 May at 10.36AMSomers Park AveWR14 1SE15.2
Sunday 21 May at 12.59PMBeeches ClDY6 8ES15.2
Wednesday 24 May at 10.28AMWithy Trees RdWR11 8YB15.2
Sunday 21 May at 12.52PMPeewit RdWR11 2NH15.2
Friday 9 June at 10.38PMBuckingham GroveDY6 9EA15.2
Wednesday 24 May at 12.05AMFoley GardensB60 4LD15.3
Sunday 25 June at 10.49PMSt Peter's CresWR9 8QD15.4
Sunday 21 May at 1.33PMMelrose AveDY8 2LE15.4
Thursday 21 September at 12.28PMBredon ViewWR11 2QX15.4
Sunday 7 May at 1.32PMPear Tree CottagesGL20 8JD15.6
Tuesday 2 May at 2.26PMFoxfield DrDY8 1RW15.6
Wednesday 6 September at 12.46PMMalvern WR13 6FAWR13 6FA15.7
Monday 15 May at 2.57PMGarland RdDY13 8RT15.8
Monday 22 May at 10.24AMWillow ClB61 8RD15.8
Monday 15 May at 2.12PMBrook CresDY6 9AT15.8
Monday 5 June at 4.35PMBeeches ClDY6 8ES15.9
Monday 15 May at 3.25PMFlyford FlavellWR7 4BU16.0
Wednesday 10 May at 3.11PMTughlaqabad ExtensionWR10 216.1
Wednesday 10 May at 3.52PMCockshute HillWR9 7QP16.1
Monday 12 June at 1.18PMRidleys CrossDY13 0RF16.1
Sunday 24 September at 9.29PMWoodstock DrDY8 5HY16.2
Monday 22 May at 11.11PMBirmingham RdB48 7TA16.3
Wednesday 21 June at 10.02AMEvesham WR11 8JZWR11 8JZ16.4
Wednesday 10 May at 4.59PMWood BevingtonB49 5LX16.9
Wednesday 20 September at 1.43PMMontfort StWR11 3BY16.9
Sunday 25 June at 11.45AMTagwell RdWR9 7BN17.0
Monday 15 May at 7.04PMTorrs ClB97 4JR17.0
Sunday 11 June at 12.21PMButchers LnB63 2RU17.0
Thursday 11 May at 1.59PMWolverleyDY11 5SQ17.1
Thursday 11 May at 1.53PMPoplar RdDY8 3BD17.1
Tuesday 23 May at 1.10PMCampion DrWR14 3SP17.1
Saturday 27 May at 3.00PMYork CresDY8 4RT17.4
Thursday 18 May at 3.44PMThe LimesGL20 7JN17.4
Wednesday 10 May at 5.16PMBanners StB63 2SF17.4
Monday 12 June at 4.14PMRegis RdB65 8BD17.5
Wednesday 24 May at 11.43AMPowderham AveWR4 0DN17.6
Sunday 21 May at 6.13PMAcanthus RdB98 9EX17.6
Friday 23 June at 11.06AMOld Barn RdDY8 5XR17.6
Tuesday 10 October at 5.34PMCloverdaleB60 4NF17.6
Thursday 15 June at 11.29AMHeathfield RdWR11 4TQ17.8
Wednesday 14 June at 9.21AMSpadesbourne RdB60 1JW17.9
Sunday 21 May at 4.32PMDunleyDY13 0TT17.9
Tuesday 30 May at 9.46PMFoxlydiate CresB97 6NJ18.0
Tuesday 23 May at 3.25PMRedcliffe StWR3 7AP18.0
Friday 28 July at 11.22AMSchool ClGL20 7HY18.1
Thursday 8 June at 6.10PMKingtonWR7 4DH18.2
Saturday 3 June at 4.47PMSummervale RdDY9 0LX18.2
Thursday 15 June at 12.50PMPitt AveWR4 0PL18.3
Sunday 21 May at 3.57PMAlbany RdWR3 8EY18.3
Tuesday 13 June at 2.29PMWoodward ClWR10 1LP18.3
Sunday 21 May at 8.48PMHanbury CroftB60 4BF18.5
Sunday 21 May at 8.47PMHanburyB60 4BT18.5
Wednesday 14 June at 10.26AMMalvern RdWR2 4LN19.0
Friday 9 June at 3.08PMBuckingham GroveDY6 9EA19.0
Friday 2 June at 1.27PMHighgrove PlDY1 2SR19.2
Sunday 11 June at 4.22PMShepherds WayWR9 9DQ19.3
Tuesday 4 July at 9.25PMBeech RdDY8 2AR19.6
Wednesday 24 May at 12.44PMBridgnorth RdDY7 6RW19.7
Tuesday 13 June at 5.59PMHyperion RdDY7 6SD19.9
Tuesday 13 June at 5.42PMThe PlantationDY5 4RT19.9
Tuesday 13 June at 5.25PMMalvern RdWR2 4LN19.9
Tuesday 13 June at 5.18PMButtonbridgeDY12 3DP19.9
Friday 26 May at 10.21AMNewton ClWR7 4BJ19.9
Thursday 11 May at 2.52PMHob Green RdDY9 9EX20.1
Tuesday 15 August at 8.06PMStourbridge DY7 6RXDY7 6RX20.1
Wednesday 12 July at 6.58PMThe WoodlandsDY8 2RA20.3
Saturday 10 June at 4.55PMRegis RdB65 8BD20.6
Saturday 27 May at 11.11AMMason RdB97 5DQ20.6
Wednesday 19 July at 8.06PMUpper Lode Lock CottagesGL19 4RF20.7
Sunday 16 July at 4.20PMStourbridge DY7 6RXDY7 6RX20.7
Friday 16 June at 5.32PMSycamore RdDY4 9RN20.8
Saturday 10 June at 5.34PMWorcester WR4WR4 8SJ21.1
Monday 22 May at 1.57PMCheltenham RdWR11 2LJ21.1
Thursday 15 June at 5.37PMCharles Henry RdWR9 8QG21.2
Thursday 1 June at 3.15PMNorth LittletonWR11 8QW21.5
Tuesday 23 May at 7.39PMOld Birmingham RdB60 1DQ21.5
Monday 22 May at 8.14PMComptonDY7 5NP21.6
Wednesday 24 May at 1.01PMPatch LnB98 7XG21.9
Monday 22 May at 3.12PMBurlingham AveWR11 3EE22.2
Wednesday 21 June at 12.53PMOffenham RdWR11 3DU22.2
Monday 10 July at 4.57PMChristine AveWR2 5ST22.3
Monday 22 May at 7.10PMBelbroughton RdB63 4NB22.7
Monday 22 May at 7.27PMUpper Welland RdWR14 4LB22.7
Monday 22 May at 7.09PMBelle VueDY8 5DB22.7
Sunday 2 July at 4.37PMStourbridge DY9 9RJDY9 9RJ22.7
Monday 22 May at 5.40PMMarchwood ClB97 6TX23.0
Saturday 17 June at 12.17PMRobeson ClWR9 8QF23.0
Thursday 25 May at 9.42PMMarlbrook LnWR9 7LW23.7
Monday 17 July at 3.49PMToftdale GreenWR4 0PE23.9
Thursday 25 May at 12.11PMKentmere RdB60 2RZ24.2
Wednesday 14 June at 8.36PMClarence StDY10 1RS24.2
Wednesday 14 June at 4.41PMKnowle Hill RdDY2 0HP24.4
Wednesday 24 May at 4.27PMLundy RowWR5 3UD24.7
Wednesday 24 May at 4.26PMMarlborough DrDY8 2LJ24.7
Monday 19 June at 11.47AMWorcester WR2 6AJWR2 6AJ24.9
Wednesday 24 May at 9.25PMEvesham RdB97 5ES24.9
Friday 7 July at 3.37PMKingsdene AveDY6 9TB25.1
Wednesday 24 May at 8.22PMLydham ClB98 8GA25.1
Wednesday 21 June at 2.50PMLindsey AveWR11 1EN25.9
Thursday 6 July at 9.14PMBeech RdDY8 2AR26.0
Thursday 25 May at 6.05PMElmley ClWR9 0PR26.4
Tuesday 20 June at 6.22PMButtermere RdDY13 8NY26.8
Friday 26 May at 5.34PMAshley RdDY10 2XD27.5
Saturday 17 June at 8.55PMWychbury RdDY5 2XX28.1
Saturday 17 June at 4.44PMDrews Holloway SB63 2AD28.3
Monday 19 June at 1.04PMTalbot CottagesWR15 8JF28.4
Saturday 17 June at 7.27PMRobeson ClWR9 8QF28.5
Saturday 17 June at 7.19PMWindsor RdDY8 3BW28.5
Sunday 18 June at 5.00PMHall MeadowDY9 9LE29.4
Monday 19 June at 4.29PMEvesham WR11 8JZWR11 8JZ30.2
Wednesday 21 June at 5.51PMWickWR10 3NZ30.4